Dear Girls and especially newly married friends, my name is Christiana Mendes and I am married to a sportsman six months ago.  I being an athlete myself, was engaged with him five years back, when we first met in an Inter-City Championship.  As we both are in the sports field and have the same habits and schedules, it helps us in deciding to get married.  However, after the marriage, I have faced a completely different situation, which I would like to share with all of you, as any of you might have to face the same problem.

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My husband is employed at a private bank on sports quota and his routine is to have jogging in the morning from 06 to 07, then he came home for breakfast and leave for office at 08.00 in the morning.   He came back home at 06 in the evening and after getting some refreshment, he went out to his GYM from 07 until 10.00 in the night.  As you all know, that sportsman always prefers to go to bed early and my husband also goes to bed maximum by 11:00.  Since I have to manage the home and kitchen and special diet for my husband, I have to compromise on my sports career and soon become a complete house. 

After one month, I am getting bore with this schedule, as he could have enough time to talk to me and spend some time for me.   When I raise this concern with my husband, he rightly replied that maintaining his health and going to GYM is a must for him for our financials as well.   He was right, but I am convinced of the loneliness in the evening and want him to stay at home after office hours.  However, I could not make any further arguments with him, as I was aware of the lifestyle of my husband before the marriage as well.

One fine day, when I was watching a movie and saw the star doing exercise at his home, an idea came to my mind that if we arrange some fitness machines at our home, it could have eased my problem and we can spend time together at the Fitness Room.  I start search fitness machines on the Net and on top of that I saw SportsTech as the top brand of physical fitness machines.  While reviewing the details, it is revealed that SportsTech also offers a discount of 40% through the Sportstech Gutscheincode.

The same evening I talk to my husband about the idea, and surprisingly he agrees to it and promises me to sit with him at the weekend and order some products, as per his needs.  That was a dream come true for me, as not only products are available but my husband also agrees with this idea.

The next weekend, an order was placed with SportsTech, and the required products were delivered to our home within 4 days of the order, with a detailed booklet which also carries the Customer Service Details. Since my husband is a professional sports personality, he does not need any booklet and assistance from the Company and installs the equipment in a separate room made for fitness. 

SportsTech is a blessing in disguise, as I can also spend some time with the machine and maintain my body and smartness, and my husband will also stay at home and perform his exercise and fitness in the home.

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Sportstech really deserves an appreciation which helps me in keeping my employees happy and excited.

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